Lobster Ambassador Program

Prerequisites: Being a Lobster trillionaire or owning at least 100 Lobster NFTs.

Purpose: Discover and achieve potential minting collaborations: Find upcoming projects on Cardano that lack the dev power to create a minting system and need a hosted third-party minting service.

Rewards: For every successful project onboard, the corresponding ambassador is entitled to 10% of the profits of the minting service. Additionally, each project that an ambassador supports will have a 5% discount on the service.

Example (with numbers)
A CNFT project wishes to launch its CNFT collection. The size of their collection is 3,000 pieces. The mint price of the collection influences nothing on this model. We do not seize any portion of their minting profits.
The fee to use our minting service is proportional to the collection size.
For 3,000 pieces, the cost is 3,000 $ADA paid in $LOBSTER.
That’s an “X” amount of $LOBSTER the project has to buy from the open market and pay for the minting service.
If an ambassador has onboarded them, they have to pay 0.95X instead of X (discount 5%), and the ambassador will be paid 0.1X.
Supposing 3,000 $ADA equals 3T $LOBSTER, the ambassador will be paid 300B $LOBSTER.